Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is carried out without the speaker stopping to translate what they have said before continuing. It is most suitable for congresses, conferences or seminars with several languages, where fluid and immediate communication is required, as the interpretation reaches the listener instantly.

Interpreting is not about translating word for word, but about translating each message as faithfully as possible from one language to another. At CARRAIG we have a qualified group of interpreters who strive to convey your message as accurately and reliably as possible.

Our interpreters will be the best optionin your meetings, conferences, conventions and congresses: the best intermediaries between the different speakers.

We also provide the appropriate technical service for the installation of booths and audio equipment.


No obligation. Tell us the work you need us to do and we will send you a quote or contact you as soon as possible.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is when the speaker stops so that what they have said can be translated before continuing.

The interpreter must be able to remember everything that is said until every pause in order to translate it accurately and without omissions and, furthermore, to preserve the terminological consistency and internal coherence of the discourse.

Our interpreters will accompany you in your meetings, lunches, work visits or presentations, without any time limit. Your words will reach your clients or audience in their entirety and with all the necessary nuances so that they do not miss a single word of what you want to say.

Bilateral or liaison interpreting

This type of interpretation consists of transmitting a message between two or more people. The interpreter performs a double function: they translate short speeches into both the source and the target language.

To ensure that language is not a barrier, we offer you liaison interpreters for your business trips, visits by foreign representatives to companies and trade fairs. Or if you prefer, we can provide you with an interpreter in the country you request.

Telephone interpretation

At CARRAIG we take the translation to the place where you arethrough a call. Just by picking up the phone we will set up a three-way conference that will make interpretation in the language you request possible.

Our professionals will listen at the other end of the phone line to your message, analyse it, interpret it and transmit it in a matter of minutes.

Official or sworn interpretation

The sworn interpreter provides official translations, whether written or oral. This type of interpretation is necessary to carry out procedures such as company incorporations, sworn declarations, civil weddingsor any other type of procedure in courts, notaries’ offices, or any other official body that requires it.


No obligation. Tell us the work you need us to do and we will send you a quote or contact you as soon as possible.